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09/09/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

September 9, 2020

1. Further comments on whether the Last Supper was a Seder meal.
2. Does “turn the other cheek” mean we cannot defend ourselves?
3. Further comments on “for all” vs. “for many” during the Mass.
4. Further comments on Communion in hand.
5. Does Judas’ Last Supper communion, justify sinful politicians receiving it today?
6. Why did Cane’s son build a city? And what was the population at that time?
7. What does “the bishop in white will be killed …” mean now that Fatima is past?
8. Further comments on which situations married couples can receive Communion.
9. What does it mean to have the Holy Spirit?
10. Did Jesus give the Eucharist to the Apostles in the hand or on the tongue?
11. Further comments on having a high view of Mary.
12. Comments on taking Fatima seriously or not now.
13. What are the codices?
14. Further comments on Vatican I regarding science.
15. Will Jesus’ return be in Jerusalem or in Rome?