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09/01/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

September 1, 2020
1. Will we have free will in Heaven such that we could defy God?
2. Discussion of Aquinas’ views on substance & accidents, form & matter.
3. Comments on the RNC convention.
4. Comments on the 5G network.
5. Comments on the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.
6. Should 9/11 be investigated?
7. What is the best Bible translation? Is it the Douay-Rheims?
8. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?
9. If my daughter is dating a non-Catholic, should I speak up?
10. Does the Moon cause the Earth’s tides, or does the ether?
11. Why do you reject Penal Substitutionary Atonement?
12. Protestant vs. Catholic understanding of God’s grace.
13. What happens to the souls of practicing homosexual Catholic priests?
14. Comments on Bishop Barron saying there is no Hell.
15. How old is the Earth?
16. Is it sinful to laugh at crude jokes? Can humor be sinful?
17. Do you believe in natural selection?
18. Why are Flat-Earthers skeptical of science and deny gravity?
19. Was the Church infiltrated in 1515 AD when Pope Leo X permitted usury?
20. Does God work through the Protestant Church?
21. Is it possible that God can call someone to be a Baptist preacher?
22. How is evolution fake regarding the fossil record?
23. Aren’t there transitional fossils of birds and whales?
24. Who was worse, Darwin or Martin Luther? (quick answer).
25. Does the Bible say where the Mark of the Beast will be placed?
26. Comments on the T-Rex blood cells found.
27. Why did the Church (supposedly) use to think the Earth was flat?
28. Does “the god of this world” (in 2 Cor. 4:4) refer to God?
29. Comments on “The Plot against the Church” by Maurice Pinay.
30. Is a revision of part of the Catechism an exercise of the Magisterium?
31. Does the Bible confirm that the Nephilim were giants?
32. Is dating both genders wrong as long as you don’t engage in sex?
33. Was the Moon landing actually done in a studio?
34. Why can’t John 3:3-5 be symbolic and not refer to water baptism?
35. Comments on scholars who say Jesus believed in Gehenna but not Hell.
36. Comments on John Hagee, Laurie Cardoza Moore and the US Evangelical Zionist movement.
37. Can a Pope remove statements from a past ecumenical council?
38. Is remove ambiguous statements from Vatican II a good idea?