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09/23/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

September 23, 2020
1. Should Genesis 3:15 be read as “He shall crush” or “She shall crush”?
2. Does an incorrect baptismal formula really make a baptism invalid?
3. Wouldn’t a location on Earth point toward, then away, from the sun at 6-month intervals?
4. Aren’t we supposed to pray for Ruth Bader Ginsburg?
5. Thoughts on Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court?
6. What’s your favorite James White debate? Did he ever ask to debate Sola Scriptura?
7. When will the full version of “The Church vs. Galileo” be completed?
8. Did any Catholic monarchs embrace the divine right of kings?
9. If you had the money, what experiment would you do to prove geocentrism?
10. Did the dinosaurs live before the flood? If not, why were they included on the ark?
11. How long did “Not by Bread Alone” take to research and write? Any tips for new writers?
12. Why do some Catholic parishes say the Democrats are of the devil?
13. Does Jesus stay in the flakes of a communion Host that might fall on the floor?
14. What do you know about the works of Dr. Brant Pitre?
15. Is the Shroud of Turin authentic?
16. Do you consider any languages superior to others in communicating?
17. How do we counter claims that gyroscopes, relativity and GPS prove heliocentrism?
18. How do we answer apparent Deuterocanonical historical errors? Any good resources?
19. Can we explain Transubstantiation using modern scientific principles?
20. If Jesus is the Lion of Judah, wouldn’t that make him Judean rather than Nazarean?