02/04/20 Robert Sungenis Live! Ask Your Question: What is the traditional patristic interpretation of Romans 11:29?


1. Timing of the Passover between the Gospels
2. Darkening of the sun
3. Council of Constance and the papacy
4. Who is the judge at the particular judgment, the father, or the son?
5. Differences in Greek words for love in the Gospel of John
6. On working with Harold Camping
7. Does an SSPX Mass fulfil our Sunday obligation?
8. The Jezebel spirit
9. RFID chip and the mark of the beast
10. Interpretation of the Apocalypse
11. Can you expand on the Greek words for “know”?
12. The Gospel of Matthew 11:6, the Gospel being offensive to the sinner
13. What's your favorite book that you have written?
14. Special thanks to Jonathan Ross for all his work to stream these broadcasts across social media platforms
15. Were you Catholic when you got married?
16. What day did the Ascension of Our Lord happen?
17. What is the traditional patristic interpretation of Romans 11:29? Upcoming 30-page paper in Culture Wars magazine for March 2020
18. If Luther would have stayed in the church what reforms could he have made?
19. Why Luther was excommunicated?

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