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02/05/20 Robert Sungenis Live! Ask Your Question: A new translation of the Our Father from Francis

1. Life is short
2. Shipping prices
3. Signing books
4. Books are made to order
5. Luminous mysteries
6. A new translation of the Our Father from Francis
7. Free Will and predestination
8. What do you think about E. Michael Jones and his writings, specifically the Jewish revolutionary spirit
9. Protestant scholarship relating to mutual submission
10. The role of women in the church
11. Liberal Catholic institutions
12. South American Catholics and worship of Mary
13. Writing too many books
14. Raymond Brown and Ephesians 5:21
15. Different kinds of slavery in the Bible
16. The meek will inherit the earth, what does that mean?
17. Synopsis of Luther
18. What happens to previously-stored up graces after the commission of mortal sin and restoration after good confession?