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R. Sungenis & M.Selbrede Respond to Robert Carter Re Geocentrism

On May 2, 2016, I published a 125‐page critique of Robert Carter’s paper, “Why the Universe does not Revolve Around the Earth: Refuting Absolute Geocentrism” at (‐content/uploads/2016/05/Why‐the‐Universe‐does‐not‐revolve‐ around‐the‐Earth.pdf) Robert Carter Since then, Carter replied in a paper stated to be published on September 6, 2016 titled: “Refuting absolute geocentrism: Refutation of our detractors” at (‐geocentrism‐ response). I cordially thank Dr. Carter for responding. It’s not often we get Protestant Creationists to engage at such a deep level. I wish more would do so. In fact, since Dr. Carter mentioned my name several times in his paper (but mentions no other geocentrist), I hereby make a public offer to Dr. Carter or any Protestant Creationist associated with either CRS, CRI, AIG, or any such ministry, to provide their best credentialed member to engage in a public, moderated and oral debate with me on the subject of geocentrism. What follows is a word‐for‐word copy of Dr. Carter’s above paper, “Refuting absolute geocentrism,” and my response to each and every point made by Dr. Carter. Also, since Dr. Carter made allusions to papers written by Martin Selbrede on geocentrism, I asked Martin to answer Dr. Carter’s new objections. 

 Robert Sungenis