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12/09/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

December 9, 2020

1. Is there a difference between the creation vs. the function of matter?
2. What 3 questions would you ask Einstein if you could?
3. What do we say to claims the Catholic Church started the Islamic faith?
4. Doesn’t General Relativity make moot the geo-heliocentric debate?
5. Would you be willing to go on a respectable atheist podcast?
6. Some comments on the evils of socialism.
7. Comments on how communism is infiltrating America.
8. Why do the books of Sirach and Wisdom speak of wisdom as a she?
9. Further comments on the consecration of Russia.
10. Why was John the Baptist unsure of Jesus’ status yet they were cousins?
11. Do you think the Antichrist will be a communist?
12. What are ring lasers and how are they different from sapphire oscillators?
13. Is it possible that the Covid-19 virus is a Masonic hoax?
14. Comments on Father Rutler.
15. What is the binding of Satan in the Apocalypse?
16. Explanation of parts of the Apocalypse.
17. Comments on fragments of the Host being lost.
18. Why isn’t Francis an antipope if he’s worse than some antipopes?
19. Comments on substance and accidents and the Eucharist.
20. What does John 17:3 mean by “the only true God, and Jesus Christ”?
21. Why might Gregory Palamas’ theology on God’s essence be wrong?
22. What one question would you like to ask God if you could?
23. Where can I find good info on the Michelson-Morley experiment?
24. How was the M-M experiment set up to test the Earth’s rotation?
25. Does God approve of the divorce Ezra tells the Israelites to do?
26. Can a baptized Catholic receive the Eucharist without being confirmed?
27. Why can’t VLBI prove geocentrism when other interferometry can?
28. Does the Church allow us to attend the wedding of a gay couple?
29. What does it mean to be in union with the Church hierarchy?
30. Where did the Amish, Mennonites and Dunkers come from?