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12/08/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

December 8, 2020
1. Comments on feckless bishops and the state of the world.
2. What is your view of Opus Dei?
3. Is it a sin to use lethal force to protect your gun rights?
4. Is it a sin to use lethal force to avoid forced vaccination?
5. Comments on vaccines and microchips.
6. Comments on the End Times.
7. Comments on a cure for Covid-19.
8. Follow up on which bible best matches up the OT and NT?
9. How to answer a 7th Day Adventist about the Pope.
10. Why was Man given free will, yet in heaven he can’t sin?
11. If angels could sin before, why can’t they still sin now?
12. Shouldn’t we want to go heaven soon rather than living long?
13. Why is there temporal punishment after we confess our sins?
14. Can Mary answer our prayers, or does she only intercede?
15. Can Mary give graces?
16. Do sapphire oscillators prove the ether exists?
17. What do you think about Pope Francis saying gay marriage is ok?
18. What does the CCC say about Communion in the hand?
19. Are all the churches evil now?
20. Are there any situations where NFP can be used?
21. Is the Covid-19 virus a natural virus?
22. Was the story of the woman caught in adultery not in early bibles?
23. What’s the Catholic defense of Gen. 1-11in light of the Gilgamesh text?