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12/02/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

December 2, 2020

1. Thoughts on Scientology.
2. Is a soundtrack for Journey to the Center of the Universe for sale?
3. Thoughts on predestination per John 6:44.
4. Thoughts on the “Illumination of Conscience” visions.
5. Comments on satellite/clock experiments.
6. Would you consider doing a debate on Sedevacantism?
7. Why is communion in the hand OK if priests practice ablution?
8. Comments on the Pope Paul VI imposter theory.
9. Comments on Sr. Lucia’s views of the Russian consecration.
10. Further comments on eagles eating carrion.
11. What would happen if a pope tried to make a heresy a dogma?
12. Do actors sin by pretending to be someone they aren’t?
13. Could man arrange atoms in a cell to produce life?
14. Are we seeing a resurgence of Catholicism in France?
15. What’s wrong with Pentecostal churches?
16. Did Jesus’ soul enter limbo while he was in the tomb?
17. Will homosexuality cause the downfall of the Church?
18. Why did the Church approve of cremation?
19. Comments on JPII’s encyclical on the vocations of women.
20. Comments on whether Russia was properly consecrated.
21. Thoughts on clerical fascism.
22. Is it a sin if I approve of my deceased husband’s cremation?
23. Will your books be made available in Kindle format?