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12/01/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

December 1, 2020

1. Was Jesus crucified naked?
2. Views on “Ancient Records and the Structure of Genesis”.
3. Does a Limbo of the Fathers exist?
4. How do we deal with COVID-19 fanatics?
5. Must the un-baptized confess their sins to become Catholic?
6. Views on quantum mechanics.
7. Was St. Thomas a humanist?
8. Why do some apologists have such a high view of paleontology?
9. Who are some of your favorite apologist?
10. What’s a good book on the chronologies of the Gospels & Acts?
11. Does Matt. 24:28 refer to vultures or to eagles?
12. Would it be good if a nation required its people to be Catholic?
13. Is it correct to say that God died on the Cross?
14. Do you teach RCIA at your parish?
15. Which religions are the closest to Christianity?
16. Which bible translation best matches up the OT and NT?