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10/07/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

October 7, 2020

1. Will you make your new movie available in digital downloadable form?
2. Do higher-level Magisterial documents overrule contradictions in lower-level ones?
3. What is the difference between mortal sin and spiritual imperfection?
4. Does the “law of a jealous husband” in Numbers 5 give an excuse for abortion?
5. What is the best defense for the deuterocanonical books of the Bible?
6. Further discussion on what makes baptisms valid.
7. Comments on Pope Francis’ new encyclical Fratelli tutti.
8. Which Bernard Cohen book said Copernicus influenced philosophy more than knowledge?
9. Why are you a heretic that promotes the Vatican II Protestant occult church?
10. Did anything exceptional come out of Vatican II?
11. What is the best apologetic to bring Protestants back to the Catholic Church?
12. What is the best economic system?
13. What is the best argument against the radiometric carbon dating method?
14. How can I become submissive to my non-Catholic husband who won’t lead?
15. Would the limited TV transmission angles debunk the Moon landings?
16. Does Airy’s Failure disprove heliocentrism? Do heliocentrists have a reply to it?
17. SALE! 15% off on all books and PDFs until October 21st.
18. How could the Last Supper represent Christ’s sacrifice which hadn’t happened yet?
19. How do we unite ourselves to Christ’s suffering if He is no longer suffering?