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10/06/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

October 6, 2020

1. Pope’s decree on Indulgences during Covid-19.
2. How to find the list of questions from previous shows.
3. Further clarification of Natural Selection.
4. More comments on turning the other cheek?
5. Elaboration on the infinite regress question regarding infallibility.
6. Further comments on capitalism vs. socialism.
7. Can two souls inhabit one body such as in conjoined twins?
8. Can a soul split or multiply into two separate persons?
9. Is a person allowed to marry conjoined twins?
10. Is a Protestant baptism valid if the water and the words are not simultaneous?
11. If receiving in hand is Ok, why do priests practice ablution after Mass?
12. Would you consider doing a debate on Sedevacantism or Vatican II?
13. What is your view of Archbishop Viganò’s opposition to Vatican II?
14. Why do you believe the theory of there being an imposter Sister Lucia?
15. Thoughts on David Wemhoff’s views of Americanism and the Catholic Church.
16. Will you discontinue your Consecration book with John Salza?
17. Thoughts on Protestant influences on the Mass.
18. Do you know of any traditional Catholic seminaries?
19. Are we supposed to take the longevity of people before Noah as literal?
20. What did St. Jude mean by the angels who forsook their proper habitation?
21. Why did Jesus choose people he knew were evil?