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09/30/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

September 30, 2020

1. What is the role of the Church in politics and endorsing of political parties?
2. How can I teach young children about geocentrism?
3. What does “I will pour out my Spirit in the last days” mean?
4. Comments on Casti cunnubii and contraception.
5. What do you think of Michael S. Heiser?
6. What are your thoughts on redaction criticism of the bible?
7. What bible translations do you recommend?
8. What do you think about the Q-Source hypothesis?
9. Can we get a recommended book list from you?
10. Comments on Baptist preachers.
11. Is it OK to pray the Rosary while smoking a cigar?
12. Is it beneficial to pray for Protestants or non-believers who have died?
13. Why isn’t the Book of Enoch in the bible?
14. What would you tell Pope Francis if you had the chance?
15. Why was Pope Paul VI attracted to Jacques Maritain’s Integral Humanism?
16. Is refusing to help a dying person the same as murder in the Church’s eyes?
17. How can we prove the existence of Gravity? (Some Flat-Earthers say it doesn’t exist).
18. If statements can be removed from ecumenical councils, does that mean the Holy Spirit erred?
19. Would vertical parallax prove geocentrism?
20. Is it possible to see the US flag on the moon as some claim?
21. Which catechisms should we use and which should we avoid?
22. Is it OK to receive the Eucharist from a lay minister?
23. Are we bound to Pope Francis’ Amoris laetitia?
24. Is the Baltimore Catechism good to use in home schooling?
25. Why do most priests allow Joe Biden to receive Communion?
26. What do you think of Michael Voris?
27. How might the faultiness if human memory have affected the writing of the Gospels?
28. Is TAN Publishing a good source of Catholic books?
29. Have you read A Catholic Vote for Trump by Jesse Romero?
30. If Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven, how did he get in the Garden of Eden?
31. Was Satan actually a speaking snake? And why did he target Eve?
32. What was Rome’s reply to the Eastern Orthodox’ not allowing the Filioque?
33. What apologetic can best show Reformed Christians that Rome is the true Church?