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08/19/20 - Robert Sungenis Live

August 19, 2020
1. Half-price SALE on certain DVDs.
2. New movie “How The World Was Made” coming soon.
3. Comments on Steve Ray’s criticism of Pope Francis.
4. Comments on the different types of submission.
5. Clarifications on Hubble’s “balloon universe”.
6. What Catholic authors have a different view of the atonement as you?
7. Who was the first one to espouse justification by faith alone?
8. FREE geocentrism flash drive with purchase of “Not By … Alone” series.
9. Why does NAB translate “raqia” as “dome”?
10. What convinced you the most to return to Catholicism?
11. Is it a mortal sin to watch a movie that uses the Lord’s name in vain?
12. Was the Council of Jamnia is a myth invented in the 19th century?
13. Comments on the 3 Gorges Dam slowing the rotation of the earth.
14. Did the Holy Spirit err if statements from ecumenical councils were subsequently removed?
15. How to convince Protestants that it’s OK to pray to the Saints.
16. Why is the earth’s magnetic field weakening; and does geocentrism play a role?
17. Was the Canon made by a consensus of Christians rather than by the Catholic Church?
18. Why do Protestants promote Israel and Zionism so much?
19. Are Protestant baptisms invalid due to defective intent since they don’t believe it is regenerative?
20. Is it ok to say that Christ “purchased” our salvation on the cross?
21. Was Hawking right in saying that Copernicus did not prove Ptolemy wrong?
22. Comments on James White using Lazareth’s resurrection to prove that grace is irresistible?
23. Aren’t Vatican II and the Popes since then to blame for the heresies in the Church today?
24. Why does the Catholic view on divorce seem to ignore the fornication exception in Matt. 5:32?